There are studies suggesting that a person spends an average of 10 years of their 78 life-years at work. If we include overtime work, that’s another 14 months added to an already significant amount of time spent on the grind.

Obviously, one’s work plays an important part in people’s lives and a good working environment makes the time spent at work at a lot more productive and beneficial to anyone’s career.

5A grade office space has become the best choice for companies thanks to selective locations, full range of facilities, and an atmosphere fit for the business.

The noticeable differences between 5A offices and mediocre ones lie in the premium business space with top-tier comforts and the humanized office experience. It is not a simple compartment made of concrete, but a place suited for cooperation and productivity.

The Prince Happiness Plaza, a landmark development in Phnom Penh’s CBD, is providing world-class office spaces. It offers both a sense of awe from its design architecture and more importantly, an environment beneficial for careers and contentment.

How would you imagine your career in the Prince Happiness Plaza?

Leisure commune

Take your time to prepare for a new day as there’s no need to worry about beating the rush hour traffic. Your office in the Prince Happiness Plaza sits along the Monivong Boulevard ringed by Road 271 and Hun Sen Boulevard. The building is equipped with 11 high-speed elevators which quickly bring you to your office floor, regardless of rush hour traffic.


A dull day can be quite the stress on its own, more so if that added up to actual stress from your workload. Prince Happiness Plaza’s mirror-like glass walls offer expansive views of the beautiful cityscape, a scenery perfect for when you just want to sit back and relax. Offices also offer a grand view of the Mekong and a nighttime view of the shining lights along the riverside, giving any overtime work you may have an invaluable set of sights you can rest and enjoy.

Moreover, office spaces in Prince Happiness Plaza have a flexible combination of floor plans with sizes ranging from 41-2294 sqm specifically designed to meet the various needs of businesses and their workers. The layout on each floor also includes segment of atriums for rendezvous or small events, meaning a team rapport or networking can naturally come along.

Funs at the doorstep

To indulge yourself with kinds of joy after a workday at the Prince Happiness Plaza is just a few steps away from your door. Find a nice place to hang out with friends or colleagues, or go to a movie after a fine meal, or enjoy a shopping spree … all is there for you in and out of the Plaza. Prince Happiness Plaza, a building in Phnom Penh CBD with a floor area of 800,000 sqm, is a commercial centre with shopping streets, a super large shopping mall, a five-star hotel, serviced apartments. In a few-minute drive, you may reach many more mega-retailers, such as AEON 3, Peng Huoth Mall, Russian Market, and Central Market. So to say, all you would like to have for a happy hour can be reached in no time.

More details of Prince Happiness Plaza

The ideal space for work of today usually comes with a modern structure, easy access, and surrounded by a decent neighbourhood – Prince Happiness Plaza offers all of these and more. It’s only a fine choice for urban elites, it also serves as a testament to any successful business.

Prince Happiness Plaza is located in the heart of southern Phnom Penh, a part of town seeing continuous growth. Famous landmarks, such as the Independence Monument, National Museum, and the Royal Palace are nearby. A cluster of embassies, including Australia, Japan, Thailand, Russia, Malaysia, among many others are within reach.

Modern medical institutions such as the First Center Polyclinic and Bayon Hospital, and international schools such as ISPP, PARAGON, and Royal University of Law and Economics are all within a 2-kilometre radius. It is also close to tons of leisure and entertainment which includes AEON 3, PH Mall, Russian Market, Central Market, Sofitel Hotel, Bassac River Restaurant, and Naga World. Occupants of the Plaza can easily enjoy all the offerings from a wide range of available amenities.

Additionally, Prince Happiness Plaza is located right along Monivong Blvd, well within the area where Monivong, Road 271, and Hun Sen Blvd all merge – allowing for quick access to the heart of Phnom Penh, the airport, and basically anywhere else in the city!

Seize a spot in the heart of a rising stage, where an icon will soon stand!

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